Gluta white Papaya Soap

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What it is: Gluta white papaya enzyme soap that is enriched with papaya nectar and Salicylic acid essential oil to offer a feeling of freshness and wellbeing.

Gluta White Papaya Soap is the best glutathione formula soap you have ever believed. It contains the All-Natural Glutathione Formula to lighten dark spots caused by pimples, age spots, blemishes, sun-damaged skin, and other skin pigments. Gluta White, made in the US, But now we are open in India. A by-product of the production of koji or malted rice for making in the US. Among cosmetics, gluta white soap is known for its excellent whitening effects and antioxidant properties.

As Gluta White's own brand, we expand our extensive industry knowledge to create paycheck-friendly products that work on par with more expensive ones. So whether you are looking for a ride-or-die eyeliner or a clean skincare routine that does not require a small investment, rest assured: the Gluta White Collection makes the most of you and your wallet.

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